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emotional eating hypnosis for weight loss

The Signs of An Emotional Eater

  • Do you use food to make yourself feel good?
  • Do you eat when you’re not hungry?
  • Do you feel bad after you’ve eaten?
  • Are you constantly thinking about food even when you’re not hungry?
  • Do you obsess about how much you weigh but can’t seem to shift the number on the scales?
  • Are you telling yourself you will be happy when you’ve lost weight?


Hi, I’m Mirella DeBoni, Relationship Counselling Specialist, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Multiple International Best Selling Author. (click to read more about my qualifications)


If you answered Yes! to the above questions, you’re more than likely an Emotional Eater. If you’re always thinking about food even when you’re not hungry or you eat now, just in case you might get hungry later, you’re comfort eating.


Have you been desperate to lose weight but can’t make a noticeable shift? Are you frustrated with yourself because you haven’t stuck with anything until you got the result you wanted?


Do you look in the mirror and hear that little voice in your head telling you how fat you look, how you can’t fit into any nice clothes anymore and that you just can’t hide the fact anymore that you’re so far away from being the person you used to be and you have no idea how to get back there?


Do you just want to feel good about yourself? I mean when you look in the mirror do you want to like what you see or at least not beat yourself up over what’s looking back you?


hypnosis for weight lossIf you’ve been increasing in weight and size over the years and you’ve tried every diet around but haven’t been able to lose weight don’t feel bad, it’s not your fault.


It doesn’t mean you’re weak or you’ll never lose weight. It means you’re dealing with Emotional Eating and it takes more than willpower, shakes and going to the gym to lose weight and then maintain it.


If you understand that Emotional Eating is an unconscious behavior you will realize that you do it automatically, without thinking and without any real effort involved.


  • Have you ever eaten a packet of chips and reached in for another only to realize they’re all gone? You ate the whole packet without even realizing it until there wasn’t any left.
  • Have you ever eaten a meal, felt like you’ve eaten too much, but then went looking for dessert or treats anyway?


emotional eating hypnosis for weight loss Emotional eating is a way to suppress and soothe your emotions. Instead of having to feel angry, sad, anxious or depressed, you can feel full and satisfied instead. It sounds so much better, doesn’t it? That’s right.

You can eat chocolate, ice-cream, cake, crackers and dip, pasta, chips and feel the pleasure of the taste, feel the textures of the food and distract yourself from what’s really going on in your life.

Emotional eating is not only reserved for negative feelings. People use it for good feelings too, happiness, excitement, celebrating and being in love.

Whatever emotions drive your eating, the end result remains the same. You feel bad – you eat – you feel good for a few moments – then you feel bad about yourself for eating crap – then you eat to feel better. It’s a really crappy, self-sabotaging cycle.


The solution is not another diet. Diets only deprive you of what you want. Diets emphasize what you “can’t have” and no one likes to be told they can’t have something. Exercising is not the solution. Don’t get me wrong it has so many benefits and if you are up for it then, please, exercise! But it’s not the answer to Emotional Eating.


The Answer To Emotional Eating Is Hypnosis


With Hypnosis You Can:Woman Treated with Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

• Change your relationship with food and the choices you make
• Change the way you feel and deal with your emotions
• Improve your self-esteem and self-confidence
• And most importantly, change your mindset


Hypnosis For Weight Loss:

  • Retrain your mind from old habits into new ways of coping
  • Connects your mind and body
  • You can learn the signals of when you have eaten enough
  • Learn the signals before you overeat that you are already full
  • Retrain your strategies when it comes to what types of food to eat
  • Change food you love into food you don’t like anymore
  • Installs motivation and inspiration
  • Keeps you feeling positive and in control


Hypnosis For Weight Loss Results: 

  • Feeling motivated
  • Eating less and feeling satisfied
  • Choosing the right foods automatically
  • Being more active
  • Losing weight steadily and progressively
  • Sleeping better
  • Feeling more positive


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With hypnosis as a tool on your weight loss journey, you will be surprised at how much less you’re eating and how full you can feel at the same time. Even when you feel the feelings of hunger your automatic behavior will be different to how it has been in the past because we rewire the meaning of those feelings for you. In turn, this helps you shed the weight that you couldn’t get rid of before.


Hypnosis for weight loss is definitely a solution for if you if you’re having a problemEmotional Eating Hypnosis for weight loss getting your mind in the right place. By using willpower alone, it can take years to undo the habits you’ve created. Hypnotherapy is the best way to start retraining your brain for positive changes that can happen automatically.


Hypnosis can help you install the feelings of inspiration and motivation needed to keep you on your weight loss journey. When your mindset is right, everything is easier. Your mindset determines your motivation and your automatic behaviour. Unless you change these things you will be successful at losing weight but you will put it all back on because the cause is still there.


You Can Think About It Like This:


If there are weeds in your garden and you mow over them, it looks like everything is taken care of, from the outside. But the roots are still there and with a little water and fertiliser (not even necessary) the weeds come back pretty quickly. You can keep mowing over them to make it a quick fix but unless you pluck them out, they will keep growing.


The problem is when life isn’t being kind to you, feeding youimage chips and coke hypnosis for weight lossr feelings will give you a quick fix of “feeling good” but then it leads to feelings of regret, shame, and disappointment. Those feelings are the same feelings that trigger comfort eating so the cycle just continues.


The result ends up being an unhappy person staring back at you in the mirror when you can’t find anything nice to wear or when you struggle to find anything to fit you.


Weight gain affects your confidence and self-esteem. When you’re unhappy with how you look you don’t want to be seen by people, especially those you love. You fear judgment, you fear rejection and you fear not being able to get back to how you used to look in the past – without the extra weight.


emotional eating hypnosis for weight lossEmotions can be very complex and sometimes it’s hard to recognize what you’re feeling and why you’re engaging in behavior that ultimately makes you feel worse.


Learning how to deal with your emotions and reprogram your mind towards healthier options and alternatives will help to keep you on track with your weight goals and how you look and feel. You can finally be in control and get off the roller coaster of losing weight and putting it back on again.


If you want to learn how to stop emotional eating and understand your personal needs behind the struggle of emotional eating then you’ll be interested in the new hypnotic program designed to help you stop comfort eating, lose weight and feel good in your own skin.


About the 5 Week Program


We Will Cover:


  • Comfort Eating Content, Worksheets, Handouts
  • How to identify the signs and symptoms of when you’re Comfort Eating
  • Managing your emotions without using food
  • Letting go of self-sabotage
  • Rebuilding your self-esteem
  • Focusing on your goals and how to plan for what you want so you can get it


You Will Receive:

  • 5 Content Modules Plus Handouts.
  • Recorded hypnosis sessions to install new eating and emotional behaviors.
  • Recorded hypnosis sessions to increase self-esteem and motivation to exercise.


PLUS 5 Face to Face Hypnosis Reprogramming Sessions On:

  • Creating a Healthy relationship with food & Making Sensible food Choices
  • Motivation for exercise and energy
  • Letting go of negative emotions and creating a positive mindset
  • Increasing your self-confidence and self- esteem to be kinder to yourself and to love your body
  • Living your life on your terms and staying focused on your goals


**PLUS Extra Bonuses:

  • Plus A BONUS Session on how to use a Pendulum to Increase your Metabolism to maximize your weight loss results
  • Plus the Self Hypnosis Program including the relaxation recording and how to do Self Hypnosis
  • Plus the Self Hypnosis Script Writing Template so you can use it to keep your mind focused on anything you want to achieve in life

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This program is delivered one on one and face to face in the office, plus homework for in between sessions.
The program will run for 5 weeks and must be completed in that time frame to keep the momentum going for maximum results.


This Program Is For You If:

You want to stop emotional eating and gain control of your emotions and your eating habits
• You want to know how to lose weight using the power of your unconscious mind
• You want to achieve your weight loss goals
• You want to increase your self-confidence and self-esteem


This Program Is Not For You If:

• You’re happy with how you feel about yourself
• You’re happy with your weight and what you eat
• You don’t need to make any changes right now


special offer hypnosis for weight lossInvestment:  $1,295.00



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The program will be offered from 1st August 2016 – 31st October 2016. You can start whenever you like during this period as long as the sessions are consistent with no big time gaps in between.


Payment Plan:

A payment plan is available. You can pay in 2 installments of $700.00. (Total $1400.00) The first payment is upon sign up and the second payment will be due on your third session.


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I’m really looking forward to running this program and hope to have you in the first round. You can finally work out what’s been holding you back from achieving your weight loss goals and maintaining them in the past and let go of the Emotional eating, self-sabotage cycle.



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